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Who Can Join the Community Power Accelerator

Learn more about how you fit into the Community Power Accelerator


Financing is all about relationships. In the community solar market, it can be challenging to identify and connect organizations that are developing mission-aligned, credit-worthy projects - especially those that are community-based and community-driven - and it can be even more challenging to get those projects through the due diligence and pre-development process to a point where they are ready for financing.

Joining the Community Power Accelerator will empower you to assemble the right team with the preparation, expertise, and financing to make these projects happen. Learn more about what the accelerator can offer you and how you fit in with other participants.


To join the Community Power Accelerator, participants must make commitments to ensure a shared understanding of the goals of the initiative and to promote effective collaboration. Participants in each role make unique commitments to ensure the success of the accelerator, the details of which are included above. To support the accelerator, the U.S. Department of Energy commits to the following for as long as it receives appropriations to do so.

  • Develop and maintain the Community Power Accelerator, including the Community Power Accelerator platform, the Learning Lab, and the technical assistance program.

  • Monitor and approve new applications to the Community Power Accelerator and ensure it remains a productive, respectful place for all participants.

  • Support the Learning Lab and the technical assistance providers to ensure all projects on the network meet the Credit-Ready Checklist requirements and support developers to gain the necessary knowledge to develop community solar at scale and with replicable models.

  • Publicize the accelerator and its accomplishments, including progress towards individual organizational goals and the NCSP targets.